Monday, January 7, 2013

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I did the cover art..yee
ARTFORUM magazine / John Cale picked THE SURESHOT SYMPHONY SOLUTION "Elegant Aggression" LP as one of the TOP 10 BEST OF 2012 Music picks !!!!! (December issue) Nice to be listed next to Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq, Frank Ocean etc... Considering I produced and recorded most of it in my basement with next to no money and pressed up my own wax, this is a really nice compliment indeed. Looking forward to a productive and getting out of the red 2013. The struggle continues for this starving artist !!! Never give up, keep on pushing forward.....
Mural at IGN

Oakland Clippers hand painted series still available!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Alabaster and Marie" a long walk and a poem

Alabaster the master caster manufacturer fractured his finger forging four wheels for the disaster tractor Alabaster a former movie actor said to his wife Marie, whos job it was to cast news casters "cast me a cast, Marie, my finger is fucked" and they both broke into laughter -Adam5100

Friday, September 28, 2012

There is also this on there (youtube) ign and youtube mural made and painted in 3 days
I have some how too videos on you tube,,,watch and share,,,thanks

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pretty Freaking stoked, I love it when a plan comes together

Tips for doing taxes

 Now for "tips on doing your taxes" By: Adam5100

Step 1: When doing your taxes it is important that you have all of the necessary papers at your finger tips, so step one is to gather all your pertinent papers in to a stack, or a column, or you can lay them out, side by side on the floor for quicker identification,
An example would be, a W-9, a 10-12, a wbez chicago, or a 10-80, or if you've been doing secret work for secret clients use the ???-??-xx-!
please note: it is also encouraged to gather your receipts and proof of payments, because you may be able to claim these as a deduction

Step 2: Now that you have you paper work gathered, its time to look over your tax forms. note: if you have any dependencies on alcohol or drugs,  that’s a write off. See saving you money already! Count how many dependencies you have, now here’s a trick add one more because your codependent on me to get your taxes done.
Step 2a: if you have kids, now maybe a good time to give them away, kids are like the anti tax, they do nothing, except burn your return that you may be able to get and use for stuff you want, unlike them, right! Right!

Step 3: a fairly unknown tax code is, according to the equal opportunity bill, if you have sever learning disabilities, you may be able to deduct some money. Here’s how, in the "Name" portion of the form, write, for examples sake: Name- Adam sir periwinkle Deepak underwear champion scuba hose dispensary catalog Feibelman
In the "address" portion write; where’s where year talking bout' I’m need mi hoover go round to find me add dresses
Once you have reached the section asking for your "SSN" its time to get the knife, SSN stands for "secret surveillance node"

Step 4: hope fully you have some sort of grain alcohol around, if not hairspray will do: because getting at the "SSN" can be quite painful, so use the grain liqueur or hairspray as a pain reliving drink.
Next you will need to remove your hair, do this by grabbing at it, and cursing, be violent, really get rid of it,
Now grab your knife don't think just start stabbing at the papers on the ground, the node is somewhere under the floor, if you cant find it at first its ok! It’s down there.
Note: the more messed up and disheveled your papers are the more believable your disability is,,,,now your getting it!

Step 5: when you have gotten down a couple of feet there is a pipe, the node is in there! Use you knife and a rock to hammer and puncture the pipe, if the pipe starts gushing sewage you have found the wrong one, you are looking for the gas line. Find the gas line repeat step..

Step 6: your almost done: after the gas line has been fully punctured, its time to run, run, get out of there!!!! Once at a safe distance its time to wait.
Wait about 4 hours so the gas really has a chance to permeate the entire household,
When you start seeing what air looks like on a really hot day coming from your windows its time to go back in, put a fork a cd and a wad of aluminum foil into your microwave oven and set to 10-40 minutes, hit start

Step 7: There you go! you have successful finished your taxes, you'll be getting a big return check! don't spend it all in on one thing haa haa haa,